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Want to see your name here?

All commitments of $10,000 and over will be displayed on our Wall of Donors.

Please contact Lou Ellen Stansell, Director of Development, at lstansell@stmes.org.

Click here to read about the Opening Events in the new building!





It All Adds Up!

Watch your monthly contribution add up! Every gift makes an impact. Payments can be spread out over 1 to 3 years, for your convenience.

Annual Contribution
Total Gift Amount
$50monthly3 year pledge$600$1,800
$100monthly3 year pledge$1,200$3,600
$250monthly3 year pledge$3,300$9,000
$500monthly3 year pledge$6,000$18,000
$1,000monthly3 year pledge$12,000$36,000
$1,000annually3 year pledge$1,000$3,000
$2,500annually3 year pledge$2,500$7,500
$3,334annually3 year pledge$3,334$10,002


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Why are we expanding?

At St. Mark’s we are ever-mindful and grateful for our engaged community. Our size is a strength; we are purposefully small, creating an environment where every child is known and celebrated. We feel that the right size for serving our early childhood and elementary students changes when students reach middle school. Increasing our number of students in this division will not only offer them a broader social environment, but also allow us to offer expanded programs and scheduling. By growing the broader middle school population, while keeping class size small, we grow with our students, offering our middle school students the very best opportunities in terms of academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular  endeavors.

Where is the building located?

The building is located on the west side of our campus, on the commercial property behind the retail space within the West University Commons plaza, adjacent to the school. Students access the building via a courtyard adjacent to the science lab. The property is completely gated, secure, and inaccessible from the street. It is 9,600 square feet and includes 4 new classrooms, an idea lab, offices, a half-court gymnasium and a teacher workroom. We welcome you to tour this beautiful, new space.

Why now?

Our ability to expand and grow within our existing location is limited. The unique opportunity presented with this adjacent property was seized by our trustees and school leadership to better serve our students and St. Mark’s community.

When will the project be complete?

The project was opened to the public at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

What is an idea lab?

The idea lab provides an innovative, collaborative space for all students to foster design thinking and problem solving. The lab includes modern flexible-use furniture that adapts to the myriad of activities that occur in the modern day classroom. It is walled with writable surfaces, which inspire creativity and openness.

Who uses this building?

While the classrooms in this new building are for St. Mark’s Middle School students, the Moran Idea Lab and gymnasium space are used by the entire community. Students at all grade levels use the gym space for either physical education programming or interscholastic sports, while the Moran Idea Lab lends itself to collaborative work suitable for interdisciplinary projects at all levels.

How does this impact the school?

This project will increase overall academic opportunities and program options such as athletics, fine arts, leveled academic courses, performing arts and languages. The gradual expansion will be achieved by adding up to 14 students per grade, for a total of 54 students in grades 6-8.

Is the project affiliated with the church?

While the school is a mission of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, this lease is an agreement between the school and property owner, therefore, the campaign donations will be specific to this project.

When will the campaign commence?

The $2 million campaign has begun and will conclude at the end of the academic year.

Where does the money go?

Money collected helped us renovate the building to meet the needs of our students, and provide furnishings, technology, and equipment. Additionally, the campaign will fund the first year’s lease for this space. As our enrollment increases, the cost of the lease will fit comfortably in our operating budget. Your campaign donation does NOT go towards teachers’ salaries, maintenance or utilities, or athletics.

My children are graduating, why should I contribute?

We are direct beneficiaries of the foresight and resources of community members before us. Through their vision and generosity, we enjoy our current campus and facilities. We hope that all of our families who benefit from previous gifts will pay it forward for the next generation of St. Mark’s students.

How can I give?

We accept gifts of cash, check, credit card, or appreciated securities. We welcome pledges of any size, and can assist you in creating a payment or installment schedule if desired.

Can I make a gift over multiple years?

Yes. Payments on pledges can be made over three years. We encourage all families to conclude their payments by summer of 2017.

Are there naming opportunities available?

Yes, there are naming opportunities available for this project. Please consult with the Development Office for more details.

Can I restrict my gift to a particular project or program?

Your gift to this campaign is for the project described, therefore unrestricted; however, families seeking to make donations that may warrant naming opportunities should contact Lou Ellen Stansell, lstansell@stmes.org or Garhett Wagers, gwagers@stmes.org to discuss their interest.

What is the address and who should I contact if I need more information, have questions, would like to get involved, or make a donation?

Lou Ellen Stansell
Director of Development

3816 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77025
tel. (713) 667-7030 fax. (713) 349-0419

Meet the Campaign Chairs

Joanie and David Andrews

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  • 3816 Bellaire Boulevard
  • Houston, TX 77025
  • T: 713.667.7030
  • NAIS
  • National Association of Episcopal Schools
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