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Beyond St. Mark's

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The average student will spend 30% of his or her week inside the walls of our school, which gives us a tremendous responsibility to nurture and prepare each student for life after St. Mark’s.

As school that serves 18 month olds through 8th grade students, St. Mark’s is committed to providing each student with opportunities to continue their educational journeys beyond middle school by helping students and families determine their “best fit” high school options. At St. Mark’s, the high school application process is a team effort. Our Headmaster and Middle School Head partner with your family to identify high school options that are an ideal match, honoring your child’s gifts and achievements.

After graduating from St. Mark’s Episcopal School, students continue to experience success at a small, Christian, private high school, while others are ready for a change and seek a high school with larger class sizes and a bigger campus. At St. Mark’s, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and our primary goals for high school placement are:

  1. To assist families in finding the choices that are better suited for individual success in high school rather than pushing families to apply and enroll in only a small number of highly selected schools.

  2. To help students find the right match based on student strengths and needs rather than the reputation of the high school

Where Do St. Mark's Graduates Go to High School?

Loomis Chaffee

Where Do St. Mark's Graduates Go to College?

Alabama University
American University
Arizona State University
Auburn University
Austin College
Austin Community College
Baylor University
Boston University
Clemson University
Colgate University
Colorado College
Colorado School of Mines
Connecticut College
Duke University
Edinburgh College
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Indiana University
Louisiana State University
New York University
North Carolina State
Northeastern University

Occidental College
Oklahoma University
Penn State University
Purdue University
Rhodes College
Rice University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Samford University
Southern Methodist University
Southwestern University
St. Edward's University
Temple University
Texas A&M University
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Texas A&M University - Galveston
Texas Christian University
Texas State University
Texas Tech University
The George Washington University
Trinity University
Tulane University
University of Arkansas

University of British Columbia, Vancouver
University of Chicago
University of Colorado - Boulder
University of Georgia
University of Houston
University of Iowa
University of Melbourne
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Mississippi
University of Nebraska
University of North Carolina
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
University of Oklahoma
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
University of Texas
University of Texas Dallas
University of Texas San Antonio
University of Virginia
Washington University in St. Louis

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