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Honor Codes

Priest chatting with students on the playground

The honor codes for each division frame St. Mark's character program in the context of three principles: respect, responsibility, and kindness. As students mature, the expectations grow with them and guide their social and emotional development.

Our honor codes provide developmentally-appropriate tools for students, teachers, and parents to use for decision making, discussions regarding expectations for learning and behavior, and as a measure of accountability for becoming the best citizens of our community.

Lower School Honor Code

At all times,
I will be respectful,
and kind
in the way I
take care of myself,
treat others, and
care for our
school environment.

Middle School Honor Code

As a member of the 
St. Mark’s community, 
I will not lie, cheat, steal 
nor show disrespect. 
Neither will I tolerate such 
behavior by others. At 
all times, I will conduct 
myself with honor, courtesy, 
and respect towards 
others and our school.