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The school’s mission is considered first in everything we do. It guides our teachers and administrators, and our parents feel its influence in the community. The mission of St. Mark’s Episcopal School is:

The community of St. Mark’s Episcopal School celebrates the uniqueness of each child. We are stewards of our students’ intellectual curiosity, faith, and passion for discovery. We cultivate joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered environment.

Breaking It Down: What Does Our Mission Mean?

Celebrating Uniqueness

The students of St. Mark’s are bright, clever, and creative, and we embrace each as an individual. Celebrating the uniqueness of our students recognizes the differences in our heritages or familial structures and honors the passions that make each child special. 


We steward our students, guiding them like shepherds through their educational and developmental journey. The word “steward” was carefully selected to reflect the gentle instruction that we seek to impart as we nurture children and encourage them to become a better version of themselves. 

Intellectual Curiosity

As educators, we hope to inspire intellectual curiosity inside the classroom, granting students the freedom to ask why and develop a thirst for knowledge. 


As an Episcopal school, we promote an accepting, loving environment that demonstrates the importance of faith, while encouraging a spirit of inclusion and inquiry.

Passion for Discovery

Students are given the opportunity to explore their interests and uncover a passion for discovery.