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Characteristics of Professional Excellence

As educators at St. Mark’s, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. We are stewards of our students’ learning, modeling intellectual curiosity and a passion for discovery. We cultivate joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered environment. Our actions as teachers, individuals, and community leaders uphold this ideal.

Relationship to Teaching and Mentoring

An Educator at St. Mark's...

Engages children and inspires learning

Balances the art and science of teaching

Embraces each child as a member of our community and works to meet his or her needs

Creates a positive, playful environment for learning

Possesses content knowledge and experience commensurate with job responsibilities

Prepares and delivers lessons in support of varied learning styles

Explores and utilizes emerging tools and techniques to meet the needs of 21st century learners

Communicates information about student learning and behavior in an authentic and tactful manner

Actively reflects on his or her practice and seeks to improve

Relationship to Self

An Educator at St. Mark's Demonstrates...









Accessibility and approachability

Moral courage

Ownership of personal learning needs


Creativity and curiosity

An innovative spirit

Relationship to Community

An Educator at St. Mark's Practices....

Respect for the inherent dignity of students

Open, respectful interactions with parents, colleagues, students

A commitment to the school through active participation, engagement in positive conversation, and support of colleagues

An understanding of and appreciation for the Episcopal school tradition

Service to others

Global awareness and cultural sensitivity
Communication that builds relationships of growth and trust

Collegiality and sharing of resources and ideas

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