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The St. Mark's Difference

Middle School Boys Perform at the Talent Show with a Primary School Student

"When I first came to St. Mark's halfway through 6th grade, I knew no one, and I didn’t know what to expect. Before St. Mark's, I hadn’t been very involved in my school community, and I wasn’t particularly close to my teachers and peers. Almost immediately, I found a second family at St. Mark’s. I found a caring community that encouraged me to grow, not only as a student, but also as a person. Slowly, I found that I was putting myself out there more. Looking back on my experience now, I realize that having such a loving and caring school community created a desire for involvement. Being in this community made me want to give back, to help other kids experience the joy of St. Mark's. St. Mark’s is such a special place to wake up and go to every day."

Abby Golub
Class of 2019

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"It has been absolutely amazing to watch our daughter grow and learn at St. Mark’s Episcopal School. Her social skills, emotional intellect, and vocabulary have flourished under the care of her classroom teachers and the rest of the faculty. Their daily teachings have promoted our little girl's independence and growing confidence, which will no doubt play a role in her development as a child and well into her adult years. We have been thrilled to see her blossom and are eager to see her progressive growth over the years at St. Mark’s Episcopal School."

The Lu-Wan Family
Parents of Current Student


"Our family was part of the St. Mark’s community for over 10 years. We watched the school grow and change to the high standards it upholds.

One of the best things about St. Mark’s is that students get a great balance of academics, sports and other activities. Being able to participate and represent the school in athletic competitions help produce well-rounded individuals. But most important of all, these athletic competitions teach kids the value of teamwork and humility in the face of a defeat.

St. Mark’s has a very nurturing environment. Our daughter was quite shy and extremely quiet when she entered Pre-K. Her caring and dedicated teachers provided just the right environment to make her come out of her shell, boost her confidence and help develop her to what she has become today – a very confident young lady. Spending 10 years at St. Mark’s prepared Monica very well for high school – socially, emotionally and academically.

Our son followed suit in middle school. He was active in scouting and benefited from having a scout chapter at St. Mark’s. He participated in sports and eagerly tried out for the talent show every year. Our children are are incredible young people. What more can we ask for?"

The Dayao Family
Alumni Family

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"We have been lucky enough to call St. Mark’s our home away from home since 2019. We have witnessed our children gain independence and confidence and grow cognitively by leaps and bounds. While these were within our expectations when searching for a school, we didn’t anticipate how much of a positive effect the St. Mark’s school-community relationship would have on our family. The teachers and staff have created an environment where our kids feel loved, safe, and eager to learn with their friends. They have looked forward to each school day with genuine excitement as to what that day will bring them, while we remain wishing time would just slow down."

The DiLauro Family
Parents of Current Students

Family Testimonial

"We have loved the teaching philosophies in the primary school and beyond. The teachers at St. Mark’s are more than engaging; they encourage curiosity. The teachers embrace each child's independence and encourage it in a positive manner. From the minute a child walks onto campus, they are treated like school is their second home. Respect abounds throughout the campus, the children are lovingly guided to listen to their teachers and their peers. Furthermore, the children are given great confidence that continues to develop year after year." 

The Herr Family
Parents of Current Students

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"St. Mark's has such a welcoming environment  The children and their families as well as the wonderful staff create a community. A community that works together to achieve a happy, nurturing, academically stimulating environment where a student can grow and gain confidence while discovering their talents and strengths. I am so proud to be part of this community!"

Gabriela Olivero
Pre-K Teacher

Family smiling

"Primary school at St. Mark’s has met each of our children where they are intellectually, emotionally, and socially everyday and every year. They have grown from being frightened at drop off to marching confidently into school. Shepherded by a community of teachers, administrators, and friends, Primary School has cultivated our older children into avid learners, empathetic friends, and leaders in their classrooms. Our youngest child is an enthusiastic supporter of the sandbox."

Winnie Powell
St. Mark's Class of 1998 and Parent of Current Students

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I was a student at St. Mark’s from the fall of 1985, when I started as a Kindergartener, until I graduated from the 8th grade in 1994. After graduating from St. Mark’s, I went onto Bellaire High School, the University of Southern California for undergrad, and finally the Yale Law School. I really feel my education at St. Mark’s—particularly Middle School—prepared me for my future education, at every level! One of St. Mark’s greatest strength is its emphasis on research and writing. Very few schools provide the level of training and feedback that the students at St. Mark’s receive. Now, it is my joy to be back at St. Mark's as a parent! Our daughter has been enrolled at St. Mark's since she was two years old. 

Not every school provides the kind of education that keeps serving its students well into their adult lives. St. Mark’s is truly a special place!

Jessica Roberts
St. Mark’s Alum, Class of 1995, and Parent of a Current Student
Graduate of the University of Southern California and Yale Law School

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"Our daughter began school at St. Mark’s in Fall 2020 as a two year old. She went from being a quiet observer in the classroom to now being a vocal and active participant. Her confidence and communication skills have grown tremendously in the past two years. We believe that her amazing teachers played a vital role in her development. In addition to providing her with a strong academic foundation, St. Mark’s has done a wonderful job at teaching her techniques to communicate her feelings and help manage her emotions. Our daughter wakes up every morning excited to go to school and see her teachers and friends."

The Singh Family
Parents of a Current Student

Happy family in chapel

"We have sent our son and daughter to St. Mark’s Episcopal School since they were 2 year olds. It has been wonderful to see them grow and adapt to the “school” atmosphere in preparation for their grade-school experience. The Primary School faculty is well equipped to foster strong growth and development of fundamentals, organization, and independence. We have found our children have become independent, well-rounded, polite, and socially acclimated individuals after their time in the preschool program at St. Mark’s. We are thankful for the time our children have spent in this program."

The Kreiner Family
Parents of Current Students

Happy family

"St. Mark's is the perfect school for our children. The school has a warm and welcoming faculty and staff that knows every student by their names. The kids and parents are awesome. Everyone made us feel at home even before we started."

The Skaggs Family
Parents of Alumni

Former faculty member

"Outstanding school where quality teaching, fellowship and compassion are innate in its culture. Students thrive in every facet of their educational experience and are eagerly recruited by the local high schools."

Scott Basso
Retired Member of the Faculty and Staff

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