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The St. Mark's Way

Head of School sits with Lower School Girls

The St. Mark's Way is a guide that defines the expectations for our students and the way they conduct themselves. It is a way of life that we uphold and practice in our classrooms, on our campus, on the courts and fields, and in our community. Living The St. Mark’s Way creates the engaged school climate and culture that is the goal for our students and the school community as a whole.

With Classmates

We communicate with our classmates with kind words, a caring tone and with supportive comments.

We offer assistance to our classmates with materials, class work and in any other way we can show kindness.

We include our classmates in all games, activities and conversations with a “one for all and all for one” attitude.

With Adults and Teachers

We follow directions, listen and respond to our teachers and other adults with respect.

We use manners and polite language when communicating with adults.

With Responsibility

We complete our class work, homework, and participate in projects and learning activities following the rules given by our teachers.

We complete our work independently and produce original writing that utilizes, but does not copy our resources.

At all times we actively work to develop self-discipline. We manage talking, caring for materials, and moving through our campus inside and outside of the buildings. We conduct ourselves with manners, focus and proper learning habits when attending enrichment classes, chapel, assemblies, lunch and dismissal and when using technology.