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Strong academic programming is a hallmark of the St. Mark’s education. We continuously evolve our curriculum and seek out learning tools and programs that inspire our students. 

Our Elementary and Middle Schools each include a strong core academic curriculum plus a variety of enrichments including art, music, technology, religion, and physical education. In Middle School, students also choose from a variety of elective enrichment options as part of their experience.

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The early childhood program at St. Mark’s offers “a lively center for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom.”

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Reading, writing, researching, questioning, and problem-solving lead our students into the elementary years.

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The Middle School program at St. Mark's is designed to inspire learning and spark intellectual curiosity.


Bobbye Hicks, Head of Lower School

Meet Bobbye Hicks, Head of Lower School

2018-2019 is a year of celebration for Bobbye; she has served as the Head of Lower School for 15 years! Educating young children is, quite simply, her passion! The early years of schooling are foundational in developing a child’s thirst for knowledge, engagement as a learner, and acquiring the fundamental cognitive skills that anchor all future learning.

Bobbye guides the decisions of the Lower School with a personal belief that there is only one question, “Is it right for children?” Aligning all aspects of the school day to the developmental stage of the grade level ensures that the Lower School is teaching in a child’s sweet spot or the zone of proximal development.

There is an emphasis on formative assessment in the Lower School that guides the lesson planning for each class and each student. Wrap the research-based program in highly engaged teaching and you have the Lower School! Bobbye believes that independence and motivation are derived from the opportunities we provide for a child to take a risk, complete a task, and feel the reward. There is no greater reward than a student’s quick smile or shout of “I did it!” Bobbye is the steward of both early childhood and elementary and believes this is a privilege and an important responsibility.

Bobbye holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Elementary Education. She also earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. Her career includes time as a parent educator and 14 years as a Kindergarten teacher in an independent school. She was a public school elementary principal in Oklahoma and Michigan. She is also experienced as an emergent literacy consultant.

Matt Burgy, Head of Middle School

Meet Matt Burgy, Head of Middle School

After serving as Director of Admission for the past 4 years, Matt will be stepping in to serve as Head of Middle School in 2018-2019.

Passionate about the development of middle school aged children, Matt is a strong proponent of providing children a vigorous educational experience that promotes lifelong learning. He is a firm believer that children should be placed in situations where their learning can be applied to real life situations that foster strong communication and critical thinking skills. Most importantly, Matt believes the middle school experience should be one where children find their passions, and become involved in a robust school life.

Prior to St. Mark’s, Matt has served in many roles; from teaching mathematics from 5th through AP Calculus, to serving as an Athletic Director, Head of Upper School, Assistant Head of School, and Head of School. Matt continues to teach Middle School math, serve as a 8th grade advisor, and coach the Golf team at St. Mark’s.

Matt serves on the Board of Trustees for St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School in Nassau Bay. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, as well as Master of Science in Sport Management. He is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Independent School Leadership.