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Heritage Festival

Learning about each other, from each other!

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One of the highlights of our diverse community is our annual Heritage Festival, held in the early spring. This incredible week-long celebration has evolved from the initial project of dedicated parent volunteers and supportive faculty who formed a multi-cultural committee. The committee’s work aimed at nurturing attitudes toward others that recognize the differences and celebrate the similarities of all people. It is our hope that by learning about each other we can create a positive environment of understanding and mutual respect in which our children grow and learn to be good citizens of the world.

The current celebration, now led by a committee of faculty, has preserved this initial intent, and created a public forum for acknowledging and celebrating our diversity on a yearly basis. Parents are invited to work with classroom teachers and present individual heritages, traditions, or customs.

We follow a curriculum plan for each grade level for Heritage Festival, which allows students to enjoy different activities from year to year. At each level, we provide an age and developmentally-appropriate celebration of the diversity of our school community.

GRADE heritage topic
Preschool 2s Who I am: Learning About My Family's Heritage through a Flag Project
Preschool 3s Find the Beat: Songs and Dance from Around the World
Pre-K Tour of Fun: Toys and Games from Other Cultures
Kindergarten Sharing Our Stories: Folktales and Languages
1st Grade Exploring Our Roots: My Family Tree
2nd Grade Discovering Dress: Traditional Attire
3rd Grade How We Got Here: Immigration and Family Movement
4th Grade Traversing Verse: Biographical Poetry
5th Grade My Family's History: A Comprehensive Research Project
6th Grade Digging In: Exploring the Wide World of Food
7th Grade Speaker Series: Diversity / Tolerance / Racism / Conflict Resolution
8th Grade Speaker Series: Diversity / Tolerance / Racism / Conflict Resolution

Heritage Festival 2020