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Middle School Electives

Middle School Girl dances on stage

Our middle school electives are designed and categorized into four collections: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Communications, and STEM. As we prepare our middle schoolers for the path ahead, we recognize that resilience, grit, and autonomy can be learned during the process of selecting their own electives and deciding whether to explore the variety of options we offer or dive down deep into a specific collection. Students attend electives every day, and most electives take place 3 out of 6 days in a rotation, allowing students to take 2 unique electives each trimester. 

Visual Arts Collection

Visual arts electives allow our students to express themselves creatively through the production of physical artwork. Some electives will also dive into interpreting works of art to discover meaning and understand the artist’s purpose. These electives develop skills like: creativity, collaboration, innovation, self-direction, and global awareness.


Middle School students make an art journal

Performing Arts Collection

Performing arts electives include everything from center stage to back stage.   Some offerings give students the opportunity to study and explore art pieces while others give students opportunities to perform. Through performing arts, students develop confidence and learn skills that translate well into their academic classes, like presentational communication, perseverance, leadership, critical thinking, creativity, and global awareness.


Students perform in a musical

Trimester 1 Offerings

Trimester 1 Offerings

Communications Collection

Whether you’re writing an essay, speaking in front of a large crowd, or having a conversation with another person, the ability to communicate effectively is a crucial skill! Electives in our Communications Collection allow students to sharpen their ability to think on their feet, tell a captivating story, write more effectively, or track down and understand information with more ease. The competencies learned in these classes translate directly into academic classes. Depending on their choices, students get ample practice with a wide variety of skills including interpersonal communication, presentational communication, innovation, creativity, design, collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking.


Middle School boy shares a speech

STEM Collection

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, and  electives in this Collection provide experiences in these areas that will challenge and captivate our middle schoolers. Students can discover new ways to use technology, strengthen their understanding in math, or experiment with new inventions and creations. The competencies acquired in these classes are numerous and include practice with critical thinking, media literacy, digital literacy, problem solving, innovation, self-direction, perseverance, and collaboration.


Students complete a STEM challenge

Trimester 1 Offerings

Trimester 1 Offerings