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Middle School Girls complete outreach

Outreach projects at St. Mark’s Episcopal School encourage students to give of their time, talents and treasures. Grade-level outreach projects are organized by each grade’s teachers. All grade-level projects are either hands-on community service, or drives in which students donate items for a charity. We encourage our students to pursue opportunities that serve the community of Houston, Texas.

We believe equipping students with the tools they need to be successful in life extends far beyond the classroom, and we recognize the importance of imparting to each student a desire to positively contribute to our community. As we prepare our students for life after St. Mark’s, we hope that they will illustrate a global awareness, responsible citizenship, gratitude, empathy, and service to others.

Students engage in a variety of outreach projects throughout the year, including projects organized by grade-level, student council, National Junior Honor Society, or individual students.