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1:1 iPad Program

Four girls with computer tablets

We employ a 1:1 iPad program in the 5th through 8th grades at St. Mark’s. This means that our Middle School has a ratio of one iPad for every one student. The 5th grade students participate in the iPad 1:1 program through the use of school-owned devices. The 5th graders progress through several phases that help them develop responsibility and digital citizenship as they immerse themselves in this integrated learning program. We feel this approach will best serve our 21st century learners in preparing them for the future. Since the program's implementation in 2010, the faculty have continued to develop program that best utilizes this tool in student learning. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, all rising 6th grade students will be purchasing iPads through the school, that are configured by the school. This process will help us phase out personally owned devices at school and bring us one step closer to enhancing education through technology. Thank you for your continuing support as we expand the use of technology on the St. Mark’s campus.

iPad Hardware

Current iPad Program, beginning with the Class of 2019

  • Your child will receive a new device that is school owned, configured, and maintained during 6th grade orientation as well as necessary accessories, such as, a power cable, power adapter, and case. The cost of this program is built into tuition over three years, from 6th until 8th grade. Upon graduation, the device will be cleared and all school owned apps and configurations will be removed. At that time the device will belong solely to the family. If you are joining the School after 6th grade orientation, then you will receive a device and accessories matching what was given to the rest of the grade level. Some of these devices are used as loaner devices for current students until the grade level is at capacity. These devices have not been damaged, have full warranty, and were purchased at the same time as the rest of the class devices.
  • If one of these devices is damaged, the school is responsible for handling warranty claims, repairs, replacements, and for providing a loaner device. If one of these devices is lost or stolen, please notify the Director of Technology immediately.
  • If the case originally provided with the device is damaged or unusable, then please use this linked web form to select and request a replacement case through the school. The cost of the selected replacement case will be billed through the student account.
  • More information on this program may be located in the Family Handbook.

Classroom iPad Use Terminology

Power Up

  • This means devices may be used.
  • When students are allowed or expected to use the iPad, the Power Up sign will be displayed. This will eliminate any confusion for the students regarding the appropriate times to use the device.
  • Show the students the sign so they know what they will be looking for.

Power Down

  • Devices may NOT be used.
  • When students are unable to use the iPad, the Power Down sign will be displayed.
  • The device should be dark; no image should be showing on the screen.
  • The Power Down sign will be displayed to remind students using their iPads is not allowed at this time.
  • Show the students the sign so they know what they will be looking for.

Face Down

  • Device is face down with cover up. This can be used when you want the attention of your students. Instead of them “powering down” the iPad, they can simply turn the iPad over while you talk. This makes returning to a task much faster. Demonstrate what the iPad will look like when you say “Face Down.”

Store It

  • Device is placed in designated area.
  • If the iPads are not going to be used in class, students will store their iPads in the designated area.
  • Demonstrate gently placing the iPad in the designated area.
  • Show the students the sign so they know what they will be looking for.

iPad Use Outside of Class

  • Lunch
    • During lunch, all student iPads must be stored, unless the student has received teacher permission to work on an assignment. There is a designated area for students to complete work on their iPads during lunch.
  • Enrichment Classes
    • Enrichment Specialists are encouraged to:
      • Implement iPads into the classroom instruction when appropriate
      • Provide a space in the classroom for students to STORE IT when the device is not in use.
  • Fire Drills
    • During a fire drill, students should leave the iPad in the classroom; teachers MUST lock the door