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Distance Learning Program

Welcome to your introduction to the distance learning program at St. Mark's! Below you will find helpful information to help explain how our process will work and what you can expect. Please refer to our COVID-19 page   for news and information related to the overall situation. Details for distance learning for the 2020-2021 school year will be updated soon. We appreciate your support!

Distance Learning Glossary

Asynchronous: Class interactions happen via the Portal without real-time interaction. Students engage in class materials and complete work at their own pace, typically within a given time frame, often using discussion boards to drive peer-to-peer engagement.

Synchronous: Class interactions happen in real time, at the same time. Students may virtually attend class together via video conference, livestream or chat.

Screencast: A digital video recording of the teacher's computer screen, usually including audio narration. Screencasts are a form of instructional video. 

Video Conference: A virtual meeting in which participants in different locations are able to communicate with each other with audio and video. 

Distance Learning Tips and Tricks