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New Families

Welcome to St. Mark's!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join our community! Throughout the summer, you will receive several pieces of correspondence from St. Mark's. Please review our New Family Guide for helpful information to ease your transition. See you soon!

New Family Guide

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Helpful Information for New Families

Upcoming Events

We are so excited to give you a warm welcome to St. Mark's! We hope to see you at the following events:

March 20, 2019 | 6:00 PM
Wine and Cheese Social for Parents of Accepted Students

May 19, 2019 | 2:00 PM
New Family Social

The Parent Portal

The St. Mark's Portal provides everything from contacts to classes to calendars in one place with tools that allow you to easily filter and find what is most important to you. The Portal includes announcements and assignments, integrates athletics schedules, and has customized settings and calendars. With an intuitive dashboard and easy navigation, you will be a Portal pro in no time. Portal access was established during the application process; parents who do not yet have portal access will receive an email from the school with login information. In late June, you will have full access to the portal - stay tuned for more information!


Looking for information about tuition? Visit the tuition page of our website. The first tuition payment is due on June 1.

2019-2020 Major Dates Calendar

Looking to plan your Spring Break trip or summer camp sessions? Here is our major dates calendar for 2019-2020!

Summer Assignments

Information regarding summer assignments for the coming year can be found by clicking here!


Required Medical Forms

At St. Mark's, we use Magnus Health as our health information database. All students must have a complete record in Magnus Health by August 1 of each year.
New Families will be given access to Magnus Health in late June.
In the meantime, we encourage you make plans to complete your Required Forms:

These two forms require a physician’s signature and are also available to view or print through Magnus Health. Please be sure that you have also signed these forms. We will collect the forms electronically through Magnus Health, and the online help resources will show you how to upload these forms, once you have access.
  • Medical Examination by a Doctor Form
    All students must have an annual Medical Examination by Doctor Form completed by their physician. If your child has had a healthy check-up within the last year, you will not likely need to schedule another appointment for your physician to complete the forms; however, you'll want to get your form to your doctor as soon as possible since they can be backed up with camp and school forms this time of year
  • Prescription Medication Form
    If your child takes a prescription medication or an “off-label-instruction” over-the-counter medicine that will be given at school, please also have your doctor fill out the Prescription Medication Form.
Action Plans for Medical Conditions
If your child has a serious allergy, asthma, seizures, or diabetes, additional forms will be needed from your child’s physician. Action plans will be available to download and print from Magnus Health, or feel free to email School Nurse, Sarah Beckmann now. When complete, please upload to your child’s Magnus Health record.
Required Immunizations
All students must have an updated immunization record on file in Magnus Health. The only acceptable exclusion from immunization compliance is a Medical Contraindication written by a student’s physician, which will be reviewed and accepted annually on a case-by-case basis.

Uniforms and Supplies

Information regarding uniforms are available online. We also hold several Used Uniform Sales throughout the summer, where parents may purchase gently used uniforms for the upcoming year. The dates of those sales will be shared via email.


The Middle School Supplies list can be found online. Our Lower School teachers have created a list of tips and suggestions for backpacks, which can also be found online.

What's the Deal with Spirit Teams and How Do I Know Which Team We're On?

We have several traditions at St. Mark’s that are unique to our community, including our red and blue spirit teams. This program, started in 2011, began as a way to promote school spirit and friendly competition. Families are assigned a color upon admission, and they retain that “red” or “blue” designation throughout their life here. We are careful to assign the same color for newly enrolled siblings so there will be no divided households. Throughout the year, we have several spirit team competitions, from box top challenges, to field day activities, to reading challenges! Students may earn points for their spirit team throughout the year, and at the end of Field Day, the spirit team champion is announced.

A required part of the uniform for each Preschool 3s through 8th grade student is a spirit team t-shirt in either red or navy.  To learn which color you are on, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Portal Account
  2. Select your child’s name in the top left hand corner
  3. Click the “Contact Card” tab
  4. Spirit Team color will display on the left side of the screen under “General Information”


We offer a wide variety of sports through our athletics department! Is your new lion ready to join a team? Registration will take place on the portal over the summer. Stay tuned for emails with more information on registration and evaluation dates for fall sports.

Buddy Families

Current St. Mark's parents have volunteered to serve as Buddy Families to help answer your questions, give your child a friendly face in his or her grade, and learn the lingo of a new school.

Volunteering and Getting Involved

Participating in the Parent Guild is an excellent way to engage in the St. Mark’s community. Volunteer opportunities provide you with connecting points throughout the school and create a stronger partnership between school and family. 

The success of Parent Guild and school activities and events depends on parent involvement, and we thank you in advance for the gift of your time.  You can learn more about the various volunteer opportunities online. We are always looking for volunteers to help on Parent Guild committees.  If you have an interest in a particular committee, please fill out the volunteer form online, or email


Get Connected

We invite you to join St. Mark's on social media:

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Follow @stmeshouston on Instagram
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Summer Mailings for New Families

Click the link to read a message that was sent to new families!

Gearing Up for #stmesday1

Are you ready for the first day of school?

Check your email this summer to get more information about each of the following items! Before #stmesday1, you should make sure that you have:

Filled out required forms.

Purchased uniforms.

Completed summer assignments, if required.

Registered for middle school athletics, if you'd like.

Enrolled in extended care or signed up for after school clubs, if you'd like.

Contact Admission

Amanda Duplantis

Amanda Duplantis

Director of Admission
Erika Schoemann

Erika Schoemann

Advancement Associate