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Hello St. Mark's Families!

This month we are focusing on the Character Counts Pillar of Fairness and what it means to be a fair person. Determining fairness can be a challenge for people of all ages because it is hard to clearly define. We know the phrase “life isn’t fair,” but the goal is to be a fair person in all situations by how we respond with our actions and our words.  Students are discussing ways to practice fairness at school, home, and with friends. We are playing classic games, such as ‘Heads Up 7 Up’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, to help teach kids the importance of being fair by following the rules; while also revealing how easy it is to have hurt feelings when the game is played unfairly. In Middle School, we are talking about the difference between fair, equal, and equity with a world view and debating levels of fairness in current events. The next time your child shows good character by being fair, point it out and discuss the importance of this trait. 


Fairness is all about… 

  • Playing by the rules 

  • Taking turns and sharing 

  • Being open-minded; listening to others 

  • Not taking advantage of others 

  • Not blaming others carelessly  

  • Treating all people fairly

Amy Evans
School Counselor