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Elise Banks, School Counselor

How can we care for our children during the coronavirus crisis?

School closures, Rodeo Houston canceled, and more individuals confirming their Coronavirus diagnosis, there is no denying we are in a heightened emotional state. Whether there is concern that your family will be personally be impacted with the virus or making the call on Spring Break plans, it is understood and acknowledged that stress levels are high. As we navigate the impact of the COVID-19 in Houston and around the world, one thing is for sure, our children need reassurance that measures are being taken to keep them safe. As you and your family head into Spring Break, I want to offer tips and resources.

  1. Manage your own fears and anxieties. Children and adolescents often look to the adults in their lives to see how they should be managing their emotions. If a child sees that their parent is panicked and anxious, this will lead to similar emotions in the child. It is important that we manage how we are feeling regarding this pandemic in order to be a reliable source of comfort for our children.
  2. Limit news coverage. Although it is important to stay informed regarding COVID-19, be mindful that the media can often over-dramatize information in order to sell a story or make news coverage more appealing.  This can cause increased anxiety for you and your family. Stay updated, have a plan, and then focus on executing the plan. Also, make sure the media outlet you choose is a reliable source. Facts should be based from sources like the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  3. Communication is key. Some fears and anxieties stem from a lack of communication. When no information is given, it is common for someone to start making a story up in their head. As we navigate the coming weeks, it is important to make sure your children and teens are informed of family plans, ways to keep them healthy, and changes to schedules.

I have also provided resources that you may find helpful for you and your children:

As always, should you have any questions or concerns during this uncertain time, please do not hesitate to reach out via email.

God Bless,

Elise N. Banks, M.S., LPC
School Counselor


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