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Chaplain's Reflections
  • Chaplain's Reflections
Rev. Kristin Sullivan, School Chaplain

What is All Saints Day? How will we celebrate it this year?

Dear St. Mark's Families,


For Those Who Walked With Us
By Jan Richardson

For those
who walked with us,

this is a prayer.

For those
who have gone ahead,

this is a blessing.

For those
who touched and tended us,

who lingered with us
while they lived,
this is a thanksgiving.

For those
who journey still with us

in the shadows of awareness,
in the crevices of memory,
in the landscape of our dreams,
this is a benediction.

We are quickly approaching All Saints Day in our church calendar.  This is a day when we remember those who have gone ahead of us and those who still guide us but we cannot see.  Traditionally this is a day in our community when we have a Eucharist and read the names of those who have died who are close to our hearts.  This year with our social distancing requirements we will not be having a Eucharist, but we will still be celebrating the many saints in our lives.  As in years past, I would like to invite you to submit the names of loved ones who have died.  This year there is also the option to submit a picture that can be used as part of our recorded chapel service.  Our Art Teacher, Mrs. Alvarez, and I are working together to make this service a special celebration of the Saints of our lives and the continued part they play in our lives.

Jan Richardson, who wrote the poem at the beginning of this post, said “In the body of Christ death does not release us from being in community with one another.” I find this especially poignant this year when we remember so many who have died from Covid-19 and the ongoing isolation that many feel during this time.  The hope of the Christian faith is that death is not an end, but is rather a continuation of our life with God. 

To submit a name or photo of your loved one for our All Saints Service click here.

Faithfully Yours,

School Chaplain
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