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Counselor's Corner
  • Counselor's Corner
Elise Banks, School Counselor

What is Boy World | Girl World?

Hello St. Mark's Families,

By the time you are reading this note, the President of the United States may be determined. As we have gone through an interesting week for our country, we strive to exercise patience, respect, empathy, and compassion, while listening to the views and opinions of others that may differ from our own. These characteristics are not learned overnight. The ability to utilize these traits came through practice in other life lessons. As we think about our lives, the use of patience came when we were working hard to achieve our next goal. We learned to respect and show compassion as we were growing up and engaging with our parents, friends, and peers. And empathy tied us together as we learned to see what it might be like to be in another person’s shoes.

At St. Mark’s, our goal is to help grow incredible children who will be adults that display kindness, curiosity, respect, empathy, and the ability to advocate for themselves and others. In Middle School, Boy World | Girl World is used as dedicated time to have conversations that tackle issues they are being faced with, give tools for how to handle life lessons, and learn more about themselves and others.

In the past, this program was conducted in a synchronous format during advisory. Due to the structure we have in place to handle COVID exposure, the fact that cohorts are of mixed gender and we are not mixing cohorts at the time, Boy World | Girl World will start in an asynchronous format. On the dates below, Middle School students will arrive for advisory, log in to the portal, and complete the discussion or activity planned by their group leader. Our distance learners will do the same but from home! This structure is very similar to how we transitioned the program during distance learning in the Spring.

We are excited to continue this program in its fifth year, and I am available to answer any questions you have as we start next week!

God Bless,

Elise N. Banks, M.S., LPC
School Counselor

Boy World | Girl World Leaders:

  • 5th and 6th Grade Boys – Matt Burgy
  • 7th and 8th Grade Boys – Garhett Wagers
  • 5th and 7th Grade Girls – Roma Coleman
  • 6th and 8th Grade Girls – Elise Banks

Boy World | Girl World Dates:

  • November 11 
  • December 2 & 16 
  • January 6 & 20 
  • February 3 & 24
  • March 3 & 24 
  • April 7 & 21 
  • May 5 & 19