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Social Emotional Learning

Middle school boys on spring trip

At St. Mark's, we believe that each student is unique. Our Counselor works diligently to meet the student where they are and provide emotional support for their ultimate growth. 

Students are encouraged to seek the Counselor for individual support, and may do so by asking their parent, teacher, advisor, or division head to make an appointment. 

Our School Counselor does not directly counsel 8th grade students in relation to high school placement; however, she is available to assist students who request a meeting to talk through this stressful decision. 

Group work is utilized to promote social and emotional development with students in a larger setting. Specifically, Life 101 was created, under the leadership of the Counselor, to address specific areas that middle school students face on a continual basis. 

Counselor's Corner

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Meet Our Counselor

Amy Evans

Amy Evans

School Counselor