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Boy World | Girl World

Middle School girls

We believe it is important for middle school students to have a safe place to be able to discuss the twists and turns of life that will occur during adolescence.

Structure of Boy World | Girl World

  • Boy World | Girl World is St. Mark's character development program which focuses on social and emotional topics such as, empathy, respect, kindness, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • These groups meet twice a month during first period.
  • Since certain topics can bring up sensitive issues and uncomfortable moments, group leaders bring in the School Counselor to intervene with students who need to meet individually.
  • It should also be mentioned that Boy World | Girl World is not group therapy, nor is it time or space to discuss individual students or groups of students. The meetings are designed to bring relevant topics about character and good citizenship up in a way that specifically addresses our commitment to guiding students toward our Portrait of a Graduate.

Questions? Contact Elise Banks, School Counselor.