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Our Dining Service

Our partnership with Flik Independent School Dining is beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. Our Flik Dining chefs and staff believe strongly in providing wholesome nutritious meals and offering nutrition education programs for the St. Mark's community. 

Lunch will be available each full day that school is in session. Regional and theme menus featuring homemade entrées and choices of side dishes will be served with each day presenting foods that follow the guidelines of a balanced program established for our students.

The serving area will also provide a Fresh Specialty Bar which could include a salad bar, deli station, dessert and fruit station, and a beverage station. School menus and other information will be available at starting August 2018. Your Chef Manager can be contacted during the school year for any questions or feedback you may have regarding the menu or food ideas.

Allergies or medical conditions: Flik will work with any parent who has a concern regarding the dietary needs of their child.

In the event a child who is not registered in the dining program comes to school without a lunch, we will offer an "Oops Lunch." Unregistered participants who eat a meal will be recorded and the Business Office will charge the family account $10 per meal. Excessive use of the "Oops Lunch" will result the school asking to meet with the family to further evaluate the cause. 

Meal Plans and Prices

Full Plan Prices for 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 prepaid meal plan covers an entire year of lunch. At these prices, the full lunch menu is available to each enrolled participant daily; second helpings are welcomed. There is no point of sale, no cash transaction, no a la carte pricing. For those who do not register for prepaid Flik Dining, children can still bring their lunches from home.

Annual lunch fees are calculated on a 164-day school year thus taking into account nonattendance days such as early dismissal, teacher in-service days, and holidays.

  • Preschool 3s to Kindergarten: $1,033.00
  • 1st to 4th: $1,082.00
  • 5th to 8th: $1,132.00

Payment options include personal check, monthly bank draft or via credit card (plus a 2.85% credit card usage fee). Please register on the dining registration form on this page to enroll your child(ren) in the lunch program.

Trial Period at Beginning of School Year

We are excited to add Flik Dining to our school community and feel confident it will serve as a strong partner in the effort of offering healthy, high-quality meals to our students and faculty. Support for this is already strong, with 50% of our families registered to participate for the year. We anticipate everyone will find their way to this place, and that some in our community want to sample it before committing. 

That said, St. Mark's will offer the following trial periods:

  • Nine-day trial period for Grades 1-8 from August 21 - 31 ($90)
  • Five-day trial period for Preschool 3s, Pre-K, or Kindergarten ($50)

Trial period registrants will have access to the program as full participants, and parents are also welcome to visit and try the food. We ask that any parent who chooses to do this be mindful that lunch is a time of social interaction for students and when parents join their children, they limit the child's opportunity to work on their growing social relationships. It is for this reason we encourage parents to limit their visits.

At any time during the trial period, a family can elect to register their child for the full program. Registered participants from the trial period will have their $90 or $50 trial-period payment applied to the balance of the yearly fee. Families who elect not to register by August 31, 2018, are welcome to join at any time during the year, however, children not registered at this point will not be eligible to participate beyond the trial period until registration has been received. 

Dining Registration Form for Full Plan

Our Food Philosophy

Educating the whole child at St. Mark’s includes preparing our students for learning and establishing healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle combines exercise, rest and recreation, and a balanced diet to keep the mind and body strong and capable of achieving the goals each student has for today and tomorrow.

At St. Mark’s, we recognize that eating habits, healthy or otherwise, are established in childhood; therefore, learning about nutrition is an important part of the curriculum for a child. Growing a child’s interest in food selections is a marathon, not a sprint, and we partner with our parents to nurture these habits in our students. We believe food that enhances learning contains an appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, limits sodium and processed sugars, contains fruit and vegetables, and moderates portion size relative to the person consuming the food.

Meet Sergio Diaz, Our Flik Manager

Sergio Diaz will be bringing his expertise to our campus as the Manager of Flik Dining at St. Mark’s. Having attended culinary school, Sergio enjoys cooking at work as well as for his family of four: wife Blanca, son Angel – 22, daughters Bianca – 19 and Briana – 11. When not cooking he enjoys football, soccer, and fishing.