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Our Dining Service

At St. Mark's, we believe strongly in providing wholesome nutritious meals and offering nutrition education programs for our community. 

Lunch is available each full day that school is in session. Regional and theme menus featuring homemade entrées and choices of side dishes will be served each day, presenting foods that follow the guidelines of a balanced program established for our students.

Dining Frequently Asked Questions

Our Food Philosophy

Educating the whole child at St. Mark’s includes preparing our students for learning and establishing healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle combines exercise, rest and recreation, and a balanced diet to keep the mind and body strong and capable of achieving the goals each student has for today and tomorrow.

At St. Mark’s, we recognize that eating habits, healthy or otherwise, are established in childhood; therefore, learning about nutrition is an important part of the curriculum for a child. Growing a child’s interest in food selections is a marathon, not a sprint, and we partner with our parents to nurture these habits in our students. We believe food that enhances learning contains an appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, limits sodium and processed sugars, contains fruit and vegetables, and moderates portion size relative to the person consuming the food.

Meet the Chef

Jelani Byerly, Flik Dining

Meet the Sous Chef

Jose "Mauricio" Aguilar, Flik Dining