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2013 St. Mark's Heritage Festival
2013 St. Mark's Heritage Festival
The second annual St. Mark's Heritage Festival was held on Friday, May 10, 2013. It was a wonderful celebration of culture and our heritage. Click here to read more.

Celebration of Culture

Second Annual St. Mark's Heritage Festival

The second annual St. Mark's Heritage Festival was held on Friday, May 10, 2013. The purpose of the Heritage Festival is to nurture attitudes towards others that recognize the differences and celebrate the similarities of all people. It is our hope that by learning about each other we create a positive environment of understanding and mutual respect in which our children grow and learn to be good citizens of the world. Our community at St. Mark's is diverse, with over 35 countries represented. The Heritage Festival allows us to celebrate our different cultures. Students had a great time learning new facts about different nations, watching a puppet show put on by 6th grade, playing games from around the world, and tasting some delicious authentic dishes from around the world. The day concluded with a closing ceremony, with a performance by Dr. Rathna Kumar, an internationally renowned dancer, teacher and choreographer, and the Founder-Director of the Anjali Center for Performing Arts, the first Indian dance school in Texas. Special thanks to Heritage Festival Co-Chairs, Hala Ahmad and Gury Doshi, along with Pre-K teacher, Carroll Russell.

The following images are from the St. Mark's Heritage Festival, taken by Fiona Gilmour. If you would like to receive images from this day, please contact Fiona at