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Talent Show 2016 Results!
Talent Show 2016 Results!

2016 Talent Show Performers

The St. Mark's Talent Show will be held on Friday, February 5, 2016. After auditions, the following students have been selected to perform in this year's show:

Mason and David C. (4th Grade)

Mason C. (4th Grade)

David C. (4th Grade)

Calder T. and Charles P. (3rd Grade)

Kristen C. (4th Grade)

Kristen C. and Maya M. (4th Grade)

Avery K. and Annie T. (3rd Grade)

Brooke C. and Nina C. (3rd Grade)

Irene R. (4th Grade)

Eliza T. (6th Grade)

Lani M. (8th Grade)

Elise B. (7th Grade)

Natalie G. (8th Grade)

Dylan D. (6th Grade)

Michael A. (8th Grade)

Emily N. (5th Grade)

Treasa R. (2nd Grade)

Abbey S. (8th Grade)

We'd like to extend congratulations to all students who auditioned!