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Aarushi and the Bee
Aarushi and the Bee

Aarushi and the Bee

When 4th grader Aarushi took the stage for the 2018 St. Mark's Spelling Bee on January 12, 2018, she had no idea she would be battling it out with her classmate, Aven, through 37 rounds of spelling words. The two went back and forth, advancing farther than any other Spelling Bee in recent history at St. Mark's. Aarushi ended up taking home the St. Mark's Spelling Bee title after correctly spelling the championship word, "micrograph."

As the winner of the St. Mark's Spelling Bee, Aarushi had the opportunity to attend the Houston Regional Spelling Bee on Friday, February 23, facing 41 other students from local independent or private schools. Aarushi spelled her way through 15 rounds, correctly spelling the following words:

  • Brigands
  • Cicerone
  • Jute
  • Barrage
  • Eiderdown
  • Schnauzer
  • Boysenberry
  • Picaresque
  • Apparatchik

In round 16, with only 8 other students on stage (who were all in 7th or 8th grade!), Aarushi misspelled "spaniel," and was disqualified. According to Aarushi, "I don't know that much about dogs, so I learned that a spaniel is a dog!" When she took the stage at the regional spelling bee, she quickly realized that the set up of this spelling bee was slightly different from the way our St. Mark's spelling bee usually runs. Displaying incredible flexibility, Aarushi took on the new challenge and did not let this deter her on her path!

To prepare, Aarushi studied carefully several nights each week, with a goal to finish going through the list of 2,000 words at least two times per week. We are so proud of Aarushi and the hard work she put in to preparing for the spelling bee. She demonstrates resilience, taking initiatives, seeking challenges, and a fearless pursuit of knowledge. She truly is a Portrait of a Graduate in progress!