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Annual Fund

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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is by far the most important fundraising effort at St. Mark’s each year, and gifts at any level demonstrate our community’s commitment to our school’s mission. “Every family; every year” is the motto of the St. Mark’s Annual Fund.  Simply put, we ask you to make a donation to enhance the school’s budget beyond your tuition dollars.  There is strength in numbers and 100% participation from our families is key to the annual fund’s success.  Annual fund dollars are used for program improvements in technology, curriculum, professional development, facilities, and more.  Your donation will allow St. Mark’s to provide the best environment for our children.  

Can we count on you?

2022-2023 Annual Fund Leadership

Meet Emily and Gerardo Amelio

"Although St. Mark’s has evolved over the past decade, we believe that most important aspects of the school remain unchanged. Knowledgeable, creative, and loving teachers have consistently guided our children to take risks, to hold themselves accountable, and to become curious about the world around them. Supportive and inspiring coaches have encouraged our children to play fair, to try hard, and to support their teammates. Skilled and patient members of the staff have worked tirelessly to provide a safe, clean, and happy campus for our children to enjoy, and a dedicated administrative team has provided fiscal security, a positive work environment, and stable leadership in the face of a challenging decade. In short, the school’s mission remains at the center of school life, each and every day. St. Mark’s is a place where childhood is honored, play is celebrated, and learning, in all its forms, is paramount." - Emily and Gerardo Amelio, the 2022-2023 Annual Fund Chairs

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The Amelio Family

Annual Fund Committee Members

Explorers and Seekers, Class of 2034 
Rachel and Brett Cole

Preschool 3s, Class of 2033
Meghann and Robert Kreiner

Pre-K, Class of 2032
Jean Marie and Cutter Howard

Kindergarten, Class of 2031
Lindsley and Rob McLean

1st Grade, Class of 2030
Andi and Joe Gulley

2nd Grade, Class of 2029
Larreen and Damian Candelet

3rd Grade, Class of 2028
Katie and Brad Honeycutt

4th Grade, Class of 2027
Molly and David Tipps

5th Grade, Class of 2026
Sara Ruppelt and Daniel Metzen

6th Grade, Class of 2025
Charlene and Justin Coddington

7th Grade, Class of 2024
Sara Ruppelt and Daniel Metzen

8th Grade, Class of 2023
Dwan and Anthony Thomas

Legacy Society* $25,000+
Society of St. Mark's* $10,000
Circle of Excellence* $5,000
Founder's Circle* $3,000
Head of School's Council* $1,500
President's List $500
Dean's List $250
Honor Roll Gifts up to $249

*Leadership Circle Levels

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle recognizes families who contribute $1,500 or more to the Annual Fund. Donations at these levels are essential to the Annual Fund’s success and make a significant difference in the life of the St. Mark’s.   Leadership donors are invited to a special event in the spring.

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Mary Huggins

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