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Made Possible by the Annual Fund

Facilities Improvements


  • Partially funded the playground renovation project
  • Improvements to our Guest Reception room
View of the Playground


  • Remediation for water damage in classrooms
  • Upgraded security camera system with monitors
  • Upgrades associated with renovations for FLIK Dining
Student enjoying lunch in the cafeteria


  • Gym and Flex Space Renovation – over 10,000 square feet, completed summer of 2017 with previous year funds
  • Additional updates to security systems, 10 cameras installed with 26 views
  • Surge protection installed campus wide
Interior photo of St. Mark's gym featuring the school crest inlaid in the floor


  • Covered walkway to the G Building
  • Library Renovation project – completed summer of 2016 with previous year funds


  • Improvements and renovations to move the current Andrews Religion room and renovations to the Lower School library
  • Directional signage across campus


  • Classroom and office renovations to include the new Director of Technology office space and the current preschool classrooms and Early Childhood workroom area
  • New fence in front parking lot – completed summer of 2013
  • New security system with key pad system and locking gates

Technology Improvements


  • Major upgrade to 25 Wireless Access Points
  • New fiber cable across our campus for better speed and connectivity
  • A new responsive website design
  • 60 new 6th generation iPads
  • 23 new 15 inch MacBook Pros in our Computer Lab
  • 14 new MacBook Air Laptops for faculty and staff
  • 16 new Dell Laptops for Lower School teachers and office staff
  • 6 new Dell OptiPlex desktops for office staff
  • 100 new Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses
  • 3 new Copernicus Education Interactive Easels for EC Classroomss
  • 5 new 695wi Interactive Projection systems and mobile carts


Item (Quantity)

  • 5th Generation iPad (60)
  • ACAD subscription for vSphere, 3 years (1)
  • ACAD vSphere 6 Essentials Kit for 3 hosts (1)
  • Apple Care for all Apple Devices (65)
  • iPod Nano (1)
  • MacBook Air Case (5)
  • MacBook Air for Faculty and Staff (5)
  • PowerEdge R370 Server (1)


Item (Quantity)

  • Adonit Stylus (45)
  • Air Print Printer (1)
  • Apple Care for all Apple Devices (97)
  • Apple TV (4)
  • Belkin Keyboard Case (45)
  • Bretford Charging Cart (1)
  • Chromebook (3)
  • Comcast - 1/2 gig bandwidth test (1)
  • Epson 595Wi BrightlInk Dual Interactive Projector (4)
  • Google EDU Licenses (3)
  • iPad Air 2 Case (17)
  • iPad Air 2 (62)
  • iPad Mini (8)
  • LAN Wireless Card (1)
  • Lenovo Tiny Computer (1)
  • Lock N Charge Locker (1)
  • MacBook Air Case (26)
  • MacBook Air for Faculty and Staff (6)
  • MacBook Air for Student Cart (20)
  • MacBook Pro Case (2)
  • MacBook Pro for Faculty and Staff (2)
  • MooreCo Mobile Cart + Side Wing Shelf (1)
  • NetwoRk Probe and Scan (1)
  • STM Case for iPad Mini (8)


Item (Quantity)

  • 27" iMac (1)
  • Apple Care for all Apple Devices (135)
  • Apple TV (12)
  • Bretford Power Sync Cart (3)
  • Epson 595wi Brightlink Dual Interactive Projector (15)
  • iPad 4 (1)
  • iPad Air 2 (1)
  • iPad Air (40)
  • iPad Mini (60)
  • MacBook Air (21)
  • Magic Mouse (1)
  • Osmo Kits (10)
  • USB SuperDrive (2)
  • Wireless Keyboard (2)

Professional Development Opportunties


  • ACDA Childrens Choir Conductors
  • ACFTL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo
  • Yearbook Advisor Spring Forum
  • ATI Admissions Training
  • Beginners Pottery
  • CAST Conference
  • Classroom Management 101 - Online
  • Community Wellness Advocates
  • Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST)
  • Defiant, Manipulative, and Attention Seeking Students
  • Differentiated Instruction: An Introduction
  • Google Certified Educator Academy Level 1
  • Grading for Mastery Online Course
  • Greg Tang Math Intervention
  • HANDS: Helping Children with Diabetes
  • IM Learning Summer Academy
  • Intune MDM Training
  • ISAS Division Heads Retreat
  • JAMF 200 Course
  • Kid Builders: Motor Skills
  • Kodaly Local Trainings
  • Learning and the Brain
  • Learning Without Tears: Pre-K Readiness & Writing Workshop
  • LLI Southwest
  • MAESA Choral Evensong Observation (Washington DC)
  • Magnus Health
  • NAEA
  • NAES Conference
  • NAMI National Conference
  • NCTE National Conference
  • Neuhaus Multisensory Grammar
  • Neuhaus Metacognative Strategies
  • Neuhaus Scientific Spelling
  • Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE)
  • PGC Basketball Clinic
  • Project Zero - Artful Thinking and Learning / Visit ISA
  • Reading and Writing Workshop Basics: John Cooper School
  • Red Cross / CPR / First Aid Instructor
  • Religious Liberty: An American Experience (HBU)
  • Responsive Classroom Training
  • Rice Early Learning Summit
  • Rice ELA Cohort
  • Rice OWL Lab Observation
  • Rice Winter Early Literacy Summit
  • Ride the STEM Wave
  • School Visits - St. Francis and The Village School
  • SHAPE Conference
  • Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools Biennial conference
  • STEM in the Science Classroom
  • Summer Art Class: Art League of Houston
  • Summer Institute by for Social and Emotional Learning
  • TCEA Campus Technology Specialist Academy
  • Teaching Tolerance, Social Justice Teaching 101
  • Tech Tools in the Math Classroom
  • Texas Council for Social Studies Conference
  • Texas High School Athletic Directors Association State Conference
  • Texas Instruments / T3 Professional Development Summit
  • Texas Library Association Annual Conference
  • Thriving Ministries Initiative (Two Year Program)
  • TX Computer Education Association Conference
  • What's New in Children's Literature
  • WITS: 2nd Annual Teachers, Write
  • You Light Up My World Discovery Early Childhood





Curriculum Improvements


Glencoe iScience for Middle School

For 6th-8th grades

A textbook and online program that seamlessly transitions to the new science standards with a curriculum that promotes inquiry and real-world problem solving with phenomena and hands-on activities.


Holt McDougal Earth Science

6th Grade Science

A textbook and online curriculum program that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and open inquiry. This program includes a large variety of labs that bring earth science to life.


Everyday Mathematics

Pre-K through 4th Grade Math

A comprehensive mathematics program that spirals to reinforce math concepts as students progress from grade to grade.

Keyboarding Without Tears

Kindergarten through 5th Grade Technology

A web-based program that teaches the fundamentals of typing, computer navigation, and digital citizenship.

McGraw-Hill My Math

5th Grade Math

A textbook and online program that challenges students to explore math through real-world problems.

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

5th through 8th Grade Language Arts - Vocabulary

A textbook that helps students learn how to identify and define multisyllabic Greek- and Latin-based words.

McGraw-Hill Course 1

6th Grade Math

A textbook and online program that makes math real for students. Interactive resources, assessments and differentiated resources challenge students as they explore math.

Glencoe Accelerated Pre-Algebra and Geometry

7th Grade Math

A textbook and online program that allows students to explore the concepts of pre-algebra and geometry.

Vista Higher Learning "Discurbre" Spanish

7th and 8th Grade Spanish

A textbook that allows students to discover the Spanish language in a way that is meaningful, age-appropriate, and personalized.

Glencoe Algebra

8th Grade Math

A textbook and online program that allows students to explore the concepts of pre-algebra and geometry.


STEMscopes by Rice University

Kindergarten through 6th Grade Social Studies

A textbook and online program that creates a multi-faceted learning experience. Lessons begin with a big idea, called an Essential Question, and incorporate graphic note-taking and group work to aid discovery.

History Alive and Social Studies Alive

Kindergarten through 8th Grade Science

A textbook and online program that is the fastest growing STEM curriculum in the nation. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and this program uses a hands-on model to allow students to collaborate with their peers while they learn more in these ever-growing areas.

Scientific Spelling

3rd and 4th Grade Language Arts - Spelling

A supplemental printed resource to support spelling curriculum. Instruction focuses on spelling patterns, helping students to learn strategies for learning how to spell.

Strategies for Writers and Grammar and Usage Mechanics

3rd through 8th Grade Language Arts - Writing

A textbook and online program that helps students learn important writing traits while understanding different audiences and genres.


Atlas Curriculum Mapping

All grades and content areas

A software system that provides vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment between content areas and grade levels, creating a more seamless learning experience throughout a child's journey at St. Mark's.

Student using cutting machinery in Tinker Lab