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Come Play With Us

We have been running, playing, and making memories on our current playground since 2004 when our main administration and lower school building was opened.  The design has served us well and now, 15 years later, playground design and purpose has evolved, just as we have evolved as a school. Now, we have an opportunity to imagine a whole new landscape for outdoor play at St. Mark’s.

Renderings of Our Newly Imagined Playground

Why Does Play Matter?

When our children go outside, it is not just recess.  Outdoor play is an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and spirit.  When permitted to play freely with peers, children develop skills for seeing things through another person’s point of view--cooperating, helping, sharing, and solving problems.  Outdoor learning engages all the senses: smell, touch, and taste, which are all powerful modes of learning. Children develop their motor planning skills and strength, and have fun while being challenged physically.

Renderings of Our Newly Imagined Playground

Watch a Video Explaining our Project

At the 2019 UnGala, we announced our playground project by showing this video.

Come Play with Us!

Who Will Use this Playground?

St. Mark’s recognizes the importance of outdoor play which is why we devote a lot of time to it in our planning and scheduling as a school.  All students at St. Mark’s have dedicated outdoor play time each day, and preschool 3s through 1st grade students go outside twice a day . Unlike some other schools, our middle school students also have a dedicated time for outdoor play in their daily schedule.  The majority of our students play and use the large playground and field space on the front of our campus.

Renderings of Our Newly Imagined Playground

Play in Progress!

Check out the progress photos of our playground!

Before shots of our playground.

The windows of our Religion Room and Early Childhood classrooms are boarded up!

Before shots of our playground.

Before shots of our playground.

Before shots of our playground.

Before shots of our playground.

Before shot of the playground

Before shot of the playground

Before shot of the prayer garden, which is being relocated to a more central part of campus

Original playscape

Removal of our original playscape

Before shot of our playground

Before shot of the playground

Bald Cypress trees, which are being removed due to tripping hazards.


Removal of the bald cypress trees.

Our beautiful oaks will continue to offer shade.

Creating a level play space

Before shot of the sandbox

Leveling the ground

Removal of the Bald Cypress trees, which created a tripping hazard.

Removing the old turf.

Removing the turf.

Taking care of the our oak trees.

Playground equipment comes this week!

Playground in progress! Equipment comes this week!

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Lou Ellen Stansell

Lou Ellen Stansell

Director of Development