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Why St. Mark's?

The Mission of St. Mark's Episcopal School

The community of St. Mark’s Episcopal School celebrates the uniqueness of each child. We are stewards of our students’ intellectual curiosity, faith, and passion for discovery. We cultivate joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered environment.

Honor Codes
Click here to read the Lower School and Middle School Honor Codes.
Portrait of a St. Mark's Graduate

A St. Mark’s graduate is a mindful, active learner who
embraces the challenges of a robust educational
experience and is ethically and spiritually motivated to make a
positive contribution to the community and the world. This
is demonstrated through his or her relationship to
learning, self, and others.

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Characteristics of Professional Excellence

As educators at St. Mark’s, we celebrate the uniqueness
of each child. We are stewards of our
students’ learning, modeling intellectual curiosity and
a passion for discovery. We cultivate
joy, playfulness, and growth in a child-centered
environment. Our actions as teachers,
individuals, and community leaders uphold this ideal.

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The St. Mark's Way

Click here to read The St. Mark's Way, a guide for behavior.

The St. Mark's Difference

Emphasis on Creativity

Our family has been at St. Mark’s Episcopal School for 4 years and we continue to be thrilled with our experience as members of the St. Mark's community. We are confident that our daughter is receiving a high quality education with emphasis on independent work and creativity. The school has celebrated a Heritage Festival for several years. Recently they have added an Art Car Parade and a Make and Share Fair. The school incorporates technology into practical projects even for the youngest ages. When our daughter is at school she feels comfortable and at ease. Children spend so much time at school that it should feel like a second home. We whole-heartedly recommend St. Mark's Episcopal School to our friends and we encourage everyone to take a closer look.

The Suzawa Family

A Family Feel

St. Mark's is the perfect school for our children. The school has a warm and welcoming faculty and staff that knows every student by their names. The kids and parents are awesome. Everyone made us feel at home even before we started.

The Skaggs Family

A Great Size School

Our family was used to smaller towns, and we were a bit intimidated moving into Houston. St. Mark's is a high class, inner city school with the family, caring feel of a small town. Only two classes per grade, compared to what the even local great public schools can offer (I believe 250 kindergartners as an example), makes it a great choice for parents who want to make sure a school knows each child and their individual strengths and needs. We didn't know many people moving here, but now we have an amazing school family in St. Mark's.

The Wolfe Family

An Incredible Culture

Outstanding school where quality teaching, fellowship and compassion are inate in its culture. Students thrive in every facet of their educational experience and are eagerly recruited by the local high schools.

Scott Basso, Faculty Member, St. Mark's Episcopal School

Perfect Size. Perfect Fit.

Such a wonderful school with an incredible community! Having been to a bigger school, the small school/class size is truly the greatest quality of the school. Couple this with strong academics, great teachers and a nurturing environment and you have an amazing organization. We are incredibly blessed to have this school in our lives.

The Merrill Family

Creativity Encouraged

The creativity, inventiveness, and talents features today left me in awe of the amazing children that make up the St. Mark's community. Excited to be part of it.

The Aliota Family

A Nurturing Environment

Our family has been part of the St. Mark’s community for over 10 years. We’ve seen the school grow and change to the high standards it upholds.

One of the best things about St. Mark’s is that students get a great balance of academics, sports and other activities. Being able to participate and represent the school in athletic competitions help produce well-rounded individuals. But most important of all, these athletic competitions teach kids the value of teamwork and humility in the face of a defeat.

St. Mark’s has a very nurturing environment. Our daughter was quite shy and extremely quiet when she entered Pre-K. Her caring and dedicated teachers provided just the right environment to make her come out of her shell, boost her confidence and help develop her to what she has become today – a very confident young lady. Spending 10 years at St. Mark’s prepared Monica very well for high school – socially, emotionally and academically.

Our son is following suit in middle school. He is active in scouting and has benefited from having a scout chapter at St. Mark’s. He participates in sports and eagerly tries out for the talent show every year. What more can we ask for?

The Dayao Family

Always Improving

St. Mark's teaches students to be respectful, responsible, and enthusiastic about learning. The teachers and administrators are constantly evaluating their curriculums and teaching methods in order to keep improving, and collaborating to find ways to help students grow and develop. This school feels like a small, supportive community.

Charlotte Jump, Faculty Member, St. Mark's Episcopal School

A Solid Foundation for Higher Education

I was a student at St. Mark’s from the fall of 1985, when I started as a Kindergartener, until I graduated from the 8th grade in 1994. After graduating from St. Mark’s, I went onto Bellaire High School, the University of Southern California for undergrad, and finally the Yale Law School. I really feel my education at St. Mark’s—particularly Middle School—prepared me for my future education, at every level! One of St. Mark’s greatest strength is its emphasis on research and writing. Very few schools provide the level of training and feedback that the students at St. Mark’s receive.

Not every school provides the kind of education that keeps serving its students well into their adult lives. St. Mark’s is truly a special place!

Jessica Roberts, St. Mark’s alum and graduate of the University of Southern California and Yale Law School

A Welcoming Place

St. Mark's has such a welcoming environment ! The children and their families as well as the wonderful staff create a community. A community that works together to achieve a happy, nurturing, academically stimulating environment where a student can grow and gain confidence while discovering their talents and strengths. I am so proud to be part of this community!

Gabriela Olivero, Faculty Member, St. Mark's Episcopal School

Mission-Centered School

As a member of the staff at St. Mark's Episcopal School, I love being a part of the St. Mark's family. Walking around our campus, I can see our mission every day. Our children are not only known, but celebrated, as we encourage them to grow into the best version of themselves. Our faculty's devotion to education and the art of teaching is inspiring, and our emphasis on fearless learning is evident throughout our engaged community. Love this place!

Jean Marie Howard, Faculty Member, St. Mark's Episcopal School
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