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Welcome to Food for Thought! We are excited to share dining program news. Here you will find information about the lunch menu, special dining programs and events, taste tests, and featured fruits for the month ahead.

New Containers

In an effort to be more green, we are excited to begin using new containers for lunches. Soon, lunches will be served in containers that are reusable! After lunch, each container will be cleaned, sanitized, and dried in our commercial grade dishwashers so our dining staff can fill them with delicious meals the next day. These reusable containers will help eliminate the waste we’ve been seeing with daily use of disposable containers.

Hot Meal Served in New Container
Container with Sandwich Option


Insulated Food Delivery Bags

We are so grateful to our Parent Guild, who purchased Insulated Food Delivery Bags for lunch delivery! Each day, our dedicated Flik staff loads up their carts, placing warm meals in these food grade  insulated bags. As they travel across campus to deliver lunches, the meals stay “toasty” warm!  Thank you, Parent Guild, for all you do for us and our students!

Flik Staff with Insulated Bags
New Insulated Bags for Food Delivery


Meet Our School Chef


Have questions about dining at St. Mark's? Contact Eve Grubb, Director of Operations.

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