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Welcome to Food for Thought! We are excited to share dining program news for the month ahead. Here you will find information about the lunch menu, special dining programs and events, taste tests, and featured fruits for the month ahead.


Happy September! This month, we are excited to introduce the St. Mark's Menu Team and give parents a peek into the Create Your Plate Healthy program, which will help students make healthier choices when making food selections.

September Menu

The September lunch menu is now available via the Flik App or online. This year, we have established the St. Mark's Menu Team. This team, made up of faculty and staff members, reviews each month’s menu before it is confirmed and provides feedback as assessed while observing our students in the cafeteria.

Here are some examples of the feedback provided to Flik from our Menu Team in just a few short weeks:

"Vegetarian options are not shown on the menu; this is important to some of our families."
"The sauces are hard for the smaller children to eat.  Can they be served on the side?"
"Desserts are not listed on Fridays."
"For our younger students, the menu should be kept simpler, and we should offer chicken noodle soup more than once a month."

The St. Mark's Menu Team:

  • Elise Banks, School Counselor
  • Rita Cofield, School Receptionist
  • Caity Dillon, 7th and 8th Grade Spanish Teacher
  • Karen Dunlap, Preschool 3s Teacher
  • Amanda Duplantis, Director of Admission
  • Eve Grubb, Director of Operations
  • Leti Hernandez, Music Teacher
  • Gabriela Olivero, Pre-K Teacher
  • Amanda Rea, 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant

September's Food Program: Create Your Plate Healthy

Create Your Plate Healthy is a simple, numerical and color guide to selecting complete and balanced meals. Menu items offered in the dining hall are labeled with the number(s) and color(s) representing the food group(s) in which the item is categorized. Students are encouraged to choose foods from group 1—fruits and/or vegetables; group 2—protein and/or dairy foods; and group 3—grains. By choosing foods from at least 3 of the 5 groups, students will create a balanced, nutrient-rich meal.

Create Your Plate Healthy

Ways to use Create Your Plate Healthy at home:

  • Encourage balanced meals at home by recommending your child choose foods from groups 1, 2 and 3.
  • Increase nutrient variety by encouraging more colorful choices from group 1 such as red, orange and dark green foods.
  • Encourage high-quality protein intake with foods from group 2.
  • Ensure adequate calcium intake with dairy items/substitutes from group 2.
  • Offer plenty of whole grain foods from group 3 to increase fiber and nutrient intake.

How will we introduce Create Your Plate Healthy at St. Mark's?

On Tuesday, September 10, and Wednesday, September 11, our Flik Dietician, Nicole Tass, will be on campus to introduce the Create Your Plate Healthy program during PE classes. On Thursday, September 12, and Friday, September 13, Nicole Tass will partner with School Nurse, Sarah Beckmann, and School Chef, Sergio Diaz, to show students what a healthy plate looks like in the lunch room. Students who create a healthy plate will earn a small prize!

September's Taste Test: Chili

Each month, Chef Sergio will be sharing a tasting experience for our students in Pre-K through 8th grade. By giving kids a small taste of a new flavor in their classrooms, we hope to encourage our kids to expand their palette, try something new, and learn more about nutrition. This month, students will be tasting chili; follow along on our Instagram and Facebook for images of our #tastytuesdays!

September's Feature Fruit: Orange and Yellow

Between our two serving lines, we have a cold case that holds individual servings of fruit, yogurt, and milk. Every month, the fruits served in the cold case will be predominantly a single color, as we help our students learn to try new fruits. This month's feature fruits will be orange and yellow.

Meet Our School Chef

Sergio Diaz

Sergio Diaz

School Chef
I am the Manager of Flik Dining at St. Mark’s. Having attended culinary school, I enjoy cooking at work as well as for my family. When not cooking, I enjoy football, soccer, and fishing.


Have questions about dining at St. Mark's? Contact Eve Grubb, Director of Operations.

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