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Welcome to Food for Thought! We are excited to share dining program news. Here you will find information about the lunch menu, special dining programs and events, taste tests, and featured fruits for the month ahead.

November is National Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month. When our country was colonized by European settlers and explorers, there were many unique Native American tribes and nations across the country. Over the course of our nation’s history, there has been a reconciliation of our past and a movement toward recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of Native Americans to this country.  The first “American Indian Day” was celebrated over 100 years ago in New York. In 1990, President George HW Bush signed a joint congressional resolution designating November as “National American Indian Heritage Month.” 

Did You Know?

  • The Akokisa were the indigenous tribe that lived on Galveston Bay and the lower Trinity and San Jacinto rivers in Texas, primarily in the present-day Greater Houston area. They are regarded as a band of the Atakapa Indians, closely related to the Atakapa of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

  • At a time when many people in society thought Native Americans were savages, General Sam Houston lived with the Cherokee Indians twice in his life. That kindred spirit connection led to Houston becoming a strong advocate for the Native Americans and their rights.

  • Sam Houston advocated a policy of fairness and friendship toward the Indians because "natural reason will teach them the utility of our friendship," he explained in his 1836 presidential inaugural address. 

  • According to the Texas State Library & Archives Commission the Alabama-Coushatta were recognized as two separate tribes, the Alabamas and Coushattas have long been considered one tribe culturally. They migrated from present-day Alabama beginning in 1763, eventually settling in the Big Thicket area of Southeast Texas. The Alabamas and Coushattas were skilled warriors but preferred to stay at peace. They fought with Stephen F. Austin in his campaigns against the Karankawas and in the Fredonian Rebellion, and successfully drove the Comanches out of their territory in 1839. Their assistance to the Texans during the Runaway Scrape in 1836 won them the friendship of even such an inveterate Indian fighter as Mirabeau B. Lamar.

  • The Houston region is home to about 68,000 Native Americans from all tribal nations, according to the 2010 Census. The city now has a platform to celebrate and educate the public about Indigenous histories. The virtual Southern Plains Museum and Cultural Center in Houston was launched by the nonprofit Southern Apache Museum — which had formerly existed as a physical museum until 2017. 

Menus and Updates

Lunch menus are available via the Flik App or online. Selections for our Primary School students can be found in the Portal.

Our menu features for National Native American Heritage Month are: 

  • Succotash -- a healthy mix of edamame, corn and chickpeas. 

  • Three Sister Soup -- an Iroquois Indian recipe, this soup blends corn, squash and green beans served on Wednesday, November 3.

  • Cornmeal Cookies -- These are rich, but a favorite and contain butter, flour, cornmeal and vanilla served on Friday, November 12.

  • Indian Blueberry Pudding --This thick and creamy chia seed pudding features blueberries, chia seeds, honey, cinnamon and vanilla served on Friday, November 5th and Thursday, November 18.

November's Tasty Tuesdays: Tuesday, November 9, and Tuesday, November 16

Have you heard about #TastyTuesdays? Each month, Chef Sergio shares a tasting experience for our students in Preschool 2s through 8th grade. By giving kids a small taste of a new flavor in their classrooms, we hope to encourage our kids to expand their palette, try something new, and learn more about nutrition. This month, students will be participating in a Bison vs. Beef taste test on November 9. On November 16, we'll be tasting corn muffins with wild berry jam.  We’re sharing our Corn Muffin Recipe! Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook for images of our #tastytuesdays!

Thursday, November 18, Traditional Thanksgiving Feast for Students

On Thursday, November 18,  our students will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving Feast and celebration!  Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade will guess how many candy corns are in a jar and the best guess by grade level will win one of Sergio’s Famous Roasted Turkeys (an 8-lb, brined and fully cooked French Style Turkey), packaged in plastic and ready to go home that day (please do not refreeze).

School Chaplain, Rev. Sullivan, will be leading a special, brief lunchtime prayer service, before students enjoy their Thanksgiving Feast!

Our menu that day will feature:

  • Sergio’s Famous Roasted Turkey. We're sharing the recipe with our families!

  • Green Bean Casserole

  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes

  • Cornbread Muffins

  • Homemade Apple Pie

  • Butternut Squash & Apple Soup


Meet the Chef

Sergio Diaz, Flik Dining

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Have questions about dining at St. Mark's? Contact Eve Grubb, Director of Operations.

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